Our giant tumble tower consists of 56 pine blocks, building a 19 level tower ofm90cm at the start of the game.  Once the giant tumble tower is built players take turns to remive blocks from the tower and place on the top.  The aim is to build the tower as high as possible using only one hand and without making the tower tumble!  It is possible to build to over 150cms!


Please note care should be taken when playing, players should always be on their feet and be wary of the tower falling.  Children should always be supervised,

Pine Wood Giant Tumble Tower


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    Game Specifications:



    yes (see description)

    W 155cm x H 150cm


    Step free access required. A lift is required above or below ground floor. This cannot be lifted up/down stairs. If step access is not available, please discuss this with us before booking.

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